Merch-Bot is dead. Long live Merch-Bot and Merch-Bot the retail store closed in September 2013. But the people involved and close to our robot hearts are still doing things. Some of them are even things you might be interested in. See below for some links. And find Django on Facebook or through if you think you should be on this list.

Seatthole Shirts

Django, the inventor and owner of Merch-Bot is focusing on Seatthole Shirts, his custom shirt, sticker and button company. You can order from him at

Digital Soaps

The Digital Soaps (nerdy soaps shaped like game controllers and other geek things) were one of our most popular products. You should order them directly from the source now. RIGHT NOW!

Sci-Fi car emblems

Nerd car emblems were huge on our site. Merch-Bot is gone, but these suckers aren't. Go get 'em on the Empira Etsy site.

If you need to get a hold of us for some reason, please contact Django through the site.