How to Get the Best e-Juice for Your Vape Needs

While the battery and atomizer of your electronic cigarette will decide the quality and amount of the vapor that you will likely get, the e-Juice is the one that will determine whether you are going to like your vaping experience or not. This is why the e-juice plays a vital role in determining your overall experience with vaping and that it must be chosen wisely.

It can be quite a hassle for beginners to choose the best vape juice flavor because there are hundreds of them. Your friend’s favorite vape flavor might be appalling to you. This is why it is best that you know the basics as this will help you avoid burning up your hard earned cash just because you have no idea which e-juice flavor is suited best for you.

What’s inside the e-juice?

The e-liquid comes with a couple of ingredients which include a base wherein it consists of either Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin or both, plus with nicotine and the flavoring. It is made out of vegetable oil and the VG is of a thick and sweet natural extract. This thickens the vapor together with the sweetness that it impacts the e-liquid’s overall flavor. The PG is considered an organic glycerol wherein it is made out of propylene oxide, which is a byproduct of petroleum. This has usually resulted from the higher throat hit. E-juice from eliquid depot comes in different blends of PG and VG, which is why a lot of e-liquids offer that freedom wherein you get to choose a mix of these blends on your own.

Also, most of the e-juices are offered with various nicotine strengths and flavors. For the ones that have turned to vaping, the ideal place for you to start would be the higher strength, which is either the 18mg or 24mg as this will give you that nicotine fix that you usually had with your usual cigarettes before. One healthy approach you need to do when you use the e-cigarette is by starting with a high strength, the one that you are used to and gradually bring it down to lower levels up until you reach 0mg. Keep in mind that the amount of vapor that is produced by the electronic cigarette or the vaporizer also has an impact on how much nicotine your body is consuming. The general rule here is that the higher amount of vapor that the e-cigarette products, the lower level the nicotine that you need to choose.

The last tip here you need to learn is that the flavoring that is utilized with the e-juice – be extra wise when you choose one. The flavors here range from the plain tobacco to the sugary and sweet fruit flavors. There are different electronic cigarette flavors that are designed to cater different users. There are those that have that intense craving for the tobacco and the ones for those who have the sweet tooth. Also, you even have the option to mix in different flavors just by simply focusing on a couple of mouse clicks online so that you get to create that unique flavor with your vape juice.

You can find almost an infinite number of flavors for e-juice online, but they are categorized into 4 main groups. In order to find the best e-liquid that will truly suit your taste buds, you need to begin with one flavor first then add other flavors if you feel for an adventure. Take, for example, if you have been smoking mostly menthol cigarettes, you will highly likely like the menthol taste of the e-cig juice. You might even want to add a fruity banana flavor to it, too.